Case study

Water Tube boiler Chemical Treatment

CRIKEM S52 – Oxygen scavenger
CRIKEM STP1 – Scale inhibitor
CRIKEM S88 – Corrosion inhibitor


CRIKEM INDUSTRIES performed a chemical trial with an established partner to determine the optimum dosing rate for the selected chemical treatment package. The targeted dosing range has been calculated beforehand, and the exact ppm value is determined with this field trial, providing maximum protection and operational efficiency for the client’s industrial water tube boiler.

Based on the site survey and water chemistry analysis performed by our engineers on the clients premisses, we established that CRIKEM S52, CRIKEM STP1 and CRIKEM S88 will provide optimum chemical protection for the entire steam cycles: deaerator, boiler and condensate system.


CRIKEM engineers carried out water chemistry analysis of the water steam cycle on the client’s premises and provided a technical report highlighting possible improvements to further protect the system.

Each of our chemicals has a specific function within the system.

CRIKEM S52 removes the residual oxygen dissolved in the water after physical deaeration.

CRIKEM STP1 provides the necessary phosphate content to protect the boiler against scale deposition, and increases the alkalinity and pH levels to values where metal passivation occurs.

CRIKEM S88 is a volatile corrosion inhibitor that is carried over in the steam and protects the condensate system from corrosion by maintaining the pH at values suitable for passivation.


  • Consistent and continuous dosing of CRIKEM chemicals ensures constant steady state protection to the boiler system.
  • Following a successful trial operation, the optimum dosage levels were determined for this boiler system, and operational recommendations were implemented by the client.
  • Using CRIKEM chemical solutions ensures down time is reduced, and equipment reliability is increased.
  • Chemical analysis and expert interpretation of results provide the client with preventative measures to greatly reduce chances of corrosion and scale deposition.
  • Services provided
    Chemical boiler water treatment
    Steam cycle chemical analysis
    Operational advice for efficiency optimization
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