Cooling Tower Treatment Chemicals

Crikem provides biocides, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors to treat Your cooling tower water according to Your system requirements. We offer chemical solution packages for a variety of feedwater qualities, calcium stress levels and bio-organic loading.

Our Product Range


CRIKEM C32 is a biocide activator designed for use in industrial evaporative condensers and cooling towers. It is particularly effective in systems with a high nitrate load and tendency of water excursions over pH 7.5.
CRIKEM C32 should be dosed continuously by a metering pump in conjunction with sodium hypochlorite and mixed in the dosing line or dedicated mixing chamber before introduced into the bulk cooling liquid.


CRIKEM C42 is a super-concentrated zinc based cathodic corrosion inhibitor for recirculating and once-through cooling systems. It dramatically improves iron and steel corrosion inhibition at low concentrations.
CRIKEM C42 can be fed directly from the shipping container or diluted with clean water in a chemical mixing tank. It is compatible with most water treatment chemicals at standard dosing rates.


CRIKEM C52 is a cooling water treatment Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Super Concentrate for cooling towers and evaporative condensers. It has been designed to provide continuous scale and corrosion inhibition for open recirculating cooling systems using water with low to moderate levels of hardness and moderate levels of suspended solids.

CRIKEM C52 is resistant to chlorine and other halogens therefore maintaining performance during routine chlorination, thereby maximising performance and eliminating un-scheduled downtime and reducing the risk of legionella. It is recommended that this product is used as part of a complete CRIKEM cooling water treatment program to control corrosion, scale fouling and biological contamination.


CRIKEM GLUT CS2 is an effective non oxidising biocide with a broad spectrum of activity, suitable for cooling tower periodic shot dosing and continuous treatment. It can remove established biofilm and inhibit regrowth, which makes it ideal as a secondary biocide to ensure continuous bacterial cleanliness of the system.
CRIKEM GLUT CS2 is effective over a broad pH and temperature range while being compatible with chlorine. It does not contain heavy metals and is not corrosive at typical treatment concentrations.


CRIKEM THPS CS1 has excellent chemical stability and is compatible with most chemicals used in the water treatment industry. It is very suitable for controlling microbiological contamination in industrial cooling applications, paper manufacturing and paperboard products but also in oil field applications such as reinjection water systems, drilling fluids, completion fluids and similar other applications.

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