Flow Improvers and Viscosity reducers

A family of chemical additives that improves pumping operations in challenging conditions.

Our Product Groups

Pour Point Depressants

Liquid additives which lower the temperature of solidification (pour point) of a crude oil or petroleum product and improve the pumpability and flow characteristics.

Wax Inhibitors

Liquid additives whose function is to reduce wax deposition and improve pumpability in pipelines.

Drag Reducers

Liquid products which contain polymers that increase the efficiency of pipelines and pumping operations; by either increasing the volume of product sent through a line at the same pressure, or by maintaining the same flow rate and reducing the overall line pressure.

Asphaltene inhibitors

Liquid products which inhibit or stop the deposition of hard heavy polar fractions of crude oils which are a mix of asphaltic and resinous organic compounds found in the crude oil.

Our Product Range

Crikem PPD 5925A

Wide application solid dispersion pour point depressant. Has shown excellent pour point reduction on many Turkmenistan crude oils including Kotutope, Altaguy and South Kamishlyjar crude oils. Low product pour point, means heating of the chemical reservoir not required in winter.

Crikem PPD 40/ PPD 45

Crikem PPD 40 is a pour point depressant based on block copolymer chemistry, designed with Turkmen crude oil characteristics in mind, and specific requirements of pour point temperature.

FlowForce WH3P

FlowForce WH3P is a Turkmenistan manufactured wax inhibitor product that includes some pour point depressant properties. This product was Developed by our UK engineers in the Turkmenistan based Product Development laboratory to satisfy specific customer requirements and is using local content as well as best in class imported chemical concentrates.

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