Corrosion Inhibitors

Liquid products which reduce the rate of corrosive attack on metallic oil production equipment and systems, by forming a thin protective coating on exposed metal surfaces.

Our Product Range

CorrForce CS1D

Water soluble corrosion Inhibitor, ideal for Waterflood application or water disposal systems, the formulation is designed with low foaming tendency and also has some biocidal action.

CorrForce CS3D

A water soluble product with Oil dispersiblity and excellent film forming properties, high efficiency in H2S and CO2 environments. Wide range of applications Ideal for oil flow and trunk lines where laminar flow may develop.

Crikem CTN CI 2131

Corrosion inhibitor for gas transport lines, a volatile high persistence film forming product giving excellent protection in high CO2 and H2S environments

Crikem CI 2180

Recommended for use in controlling corrosion in refinery overhead systems that are predominantly hydrocarbon. This product may be used safely in any refinery operating unit, but it is particularly suited for crude units

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