Antifoams/Defoamers; Water Clarifiers & Coagulants

Foaming causes many problems in industrial processes, for example, problems with filling of containers, giving false readings from sensors or decreasing product quality, just to name a few. We have suitable products for breaking existing foams, or preventing foams from occurring in oil based systems, as well as water based systems.

Our Product Groups


Organic liquid products which reduce or prevent the formation of oil foams (Antifoams) in production systems or breakdown of stable foam (Defoamers) which has already formed in a system, typically at the areas of pressure reduction.

Water Clarifiers & Coagulants

Liquid products which help to reduce the oil content of water in oil field water disposal systems.

Our Product Range

Crikem BACL

Crikem BACL is a Turkmen manufactured 20% wt. water solution of Barium Chloride. Due to Barium tendency to form insoluble salts with sulphate, carbonate and other species, Crikem BACL can be used as an excellent promotor of precipitate and removal agent of all kinds of sulphate and carbonate impurities."

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